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BRENELL specifications, circuit diagrams and service notes

This is as complete a set of data on Brenell recorders that I have been able to a muster, covering all models from the Sound Master to the Mini-8, plus the pre-amps. Please note some, such as the IC-2000, Mk.7 and Type 19 variants and Type 600 were not issued in great detail. Some circuit diagrams are too large to scan as one legible A4 copy.

These are mainly sourced from Brenell's literature. I have used the 'best available copy', which may not necessarily contain the most up to date modifications or specifications. Factory service notes were originally typed and duplicated; due to variable legibility, these have been retyped.

PLEASE NOTE! I am not an audio engineer, so these are 'offered in good faith but at your risk'. I cannot be held responsible for errors, so if you are at all in doubt, ask a qualified service engineer. I would welcome qualified corrections.
This set published 2011: 90 pages A4 softback, £25.00 + £2.50 p&p UK - overseas, please ask.


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RACAL-THERMIONICS T3000, Truvox 200 based instrumentation 4-channel, 4-speed recorder, see this website photo, very rare


- all above posted 24/4/14

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I am after the following:
Details and information on the Brenell's special application Mk.5 and Type 19 models and 'Cadey' tape decks
Circuit diagrams for IC-2000, Mk.7S
Brenell Mini-8 remote control unit
Planet U1 tape-recorder
Wood and alloy cover for an Armstrong 127 tuner amp and an Armstrong M5 Stereo decoder for same.
"Studio Sound" magazines 1970s-1980s for ongoing research.
"Wireless World" magazines - certain issues 1950s/1960s - please ask!

Please contact me!


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Terry Martini's superb history of Wright & Weaire and Ferrograph, "Built like a battleship" is available from his website, which also briefly covers Vortexion and Clarke & Smith. Please note George West's excellent Ferrograph site has long closed.

For those who share a passion for Armstrong tuners and amplifiers, there is a superb site on Armstrong Audio at (the link doesn't work - don't know why! Google Armstrong Audio)

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Sticky shed syndrome:

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For re-rubbering rollers: Terrys rubber rollers (USA)

For servicing Brenell, Ferrograph and other quality decks:
Contact Geoff Kremer in Bexhill at Geoff has serviced all my Brenells. He also makes to order superb valve amplifiers - details on his site